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Baker and Kincaid Appliance Repair

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About Us

Appliance Repair Experts Since 1959

 Baker and Kincaid has a proven track record with appliances of all  kinds. We currently service all makes, models, and brands of  residential, as well as commercial machines. We service all warranty  companies such as Choice Home Warranty, Select Home Warranty and others.  As well as big stores you may know like Petco, local hospitals, and  rental agencies in the tri-state area. They all call Baker and Kincaid  Appliance Repair when they need friendly customer service and  quality  repairs. 

Quick, Reliable Service

Choice Home Warranty has us rated as their Premiere repair company. Baker and Kincaid Appliance Repair is the  company to call when you have appliance issues. Choice Home Warranty calls us when other companies cant repair the appliance. Calls are answered 24 hrs so you can always call. Someone will be there to speak to you promptly and professionally. 

Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed

Baker and Kincaid Appliance Repair has always been a family oriented business with a family member involved in its day to day operations since it first opened in 1959. Even today, the granddaughter of the original owner is who you might have answer the phone when you call in with a question or to schedule an appointment. Now that's something unheard of!!